Current Job Openings

Lexpert Consilium (“LC”) in India is the back-office of Davé Law Group (“DLG”) in the United States.

LC is seeking to hire Indian Patent Agents who have exceptional academic credentials and have scored 200+ points in the India Patent Agent Examination.

LC is actively seeking to hire graduates of Government of India’s DST’s KIRAN program.

The candidate must have a maximum of THREE years of experience in the field of patent law in at least one of the following technical areas:

  • - Chemistry
  • - Engineering
  • - Life Sciences
  • - Software

LC offers work-from-home facility for all employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. This facility may continue post pandemic.

LC invests significantly – typically about 5 hours each week – in providing high quality training to all employees. Those selected to work in LC will be trained by Prof. Dr. Raj S. Davé, President of DLG, and other experienced patent attorneys and agents in the US, Europe, and India. Candidates must aspire to produce high quality work with attention to details and be willing to invest the time needed to be trained in US, European and Indian patent laws.

LC believes in hiring the best and most talented employees who are willing to learn and do work that meets the stringent standards of top US law firms.

Only candidates that fit the above profile need apply.

Please send your applications to