Ganesh Kumar

Patent Agent
LexpertConsilium LLP (Back Office of Davé Law Group)

Ganesh Kumar is a member of the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice and practices in the firm’s Engineering and Software Practice Group.

Ganesh focuses his practice on providing counseling to clients as well as preparing and prosecuting patent applications for a wide range of clients, including individual inventors, start-ups, micro, small and medium enterprises, major corporations, educational institutions, and research institutes.

Ganesh’s practice is primarily focused on drafting new patent applications, patentability analysis, prosecuting patent applications, representing clients and appearing before the India Patent Office (IPO). Ganesh also has experience in preparing responses to office actions, attending hearings and defending clients, preparing and filing written submissions post hearing, preparing appeal briefs, preparing reply briefs, preparing re-issue applications, assisting in preparation of pre-grant and post-grant oppositions, and supporting the litigation team in preparing invalidity opinions and infringement opinions.

In addition to his patent counselling and prosecution practice, Ganesh also has experience in domestic patent portfolio management, preparing and filing requisite forms at IPO, tracking deadlines, and paying renewal fees. Ganesh also has experience in preparing, filing, and prosecuting India, United States, and International applications. Ganesh also has experience in communicating with patent office and transacting certified documents.

Ganesh’s technical experience includes preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the areas of semiconductors, electronics, electrical, telecommunication, mechanical, fuel cells, robotics, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, augmented reality, virtual reality, image processing, video processing, data science, information technology, blockchain, computer vision, virtual clothing, virtual communication, ecommerce, signal transmission, and interference mitigation.

Ganesh received his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India in the year 2013, where he has chosen elective subject as Biomedical Instrumentation.

Ganesh is also a patent agent in India and registered to practice before Intellectual Property Office, India.

Representative Experience

GeneSiC Semiconductors: GeneSiC is a pioneer and world leader in Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology, while also invested in high power Silicon technologies. GeneSiC technology plays a key enabling role in conserving energy in a wide array of high-power systems. Ganesh has assisted GeneSiC in several patent related matters related to design and manufacture of power semiconductor devices. Ganesh has assisted in preparing patentability opinions, drafting, and prosecuting several patent applications of GeneSiC.
In-Med Prognostics Pvt. Ltd: In-Med has developed artificial intelligence and machine learning based tool which helps neuro-radiologists, neuro physicians and psychiatrists understand the brain better and also the effects of different conditions. In-Med has also developed affordable, accessible, reliable, and data-driven brain health prognostics and diagnostics tools to India and other emerging markets. In-Med Prognostics is also selected as the “TOP 50 HEALTHCARE COMPANIES” by IFAH, DUBAI. Ganesh has assisted In-Med in preparing and prosecuting their patents.
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIITH): IIITH is an autonomous university, founded as a not-for-profit public private partnership (N-PPP) in 1998, and is the first IIIT in India under this model. Several world-renowned centers of excellence are part of IIITH’s research portfolio. IIITH has established various joint collaboration and co-innovation models with an industry outreach spanning significant national and multinational companies. Ganesh has assisted IIITH in preparing patentability opinions, drafting and prosecuting patent applications, and assisting in handling IIITH’s domestic patent portfolio. (E.g., US10,154,249B2, US10,084,970B2)
KPIT Technologies Ltd.: KPIT Technologies Limited is an Indian multinational corporation headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Popularly known as KPIT, it provides software to the automotive companies. KPIT has development centers in Europe, USA, Japan, China, Thailand, and India. KPIT brought in their expertise in stack engineering which included light-weight metal bipolar plate and gasket design, development of the balance of plant (BoP), system integration, control software and electric powertrain that enabled running the fuel cell vehicle. Ganesh has assisted KPIT in drafting and prosecuting two patent applications in the areas of fuel cells. (E.g., WO/2018/229799, IN201821047479)
PSG College of Technology: PSG College of Technology is an autonomous, government aided, private engineering college in Coimbatore, India. PSG is affiliated with Anna University. PSG College of Technology has undergone many research projects in the areas of Nano science and Technology, Nano Biotechnology, Robotics and Mechatronics, Advanced Manufacturing, and Fuel Cells, etc. Ganesh has assisted PSG in preparing patentability opinions, drafting, and prosecuting several patent applications.
Saankhya Labs Private Limited: Saankhya Labs is a premier wireless communication and semiconductor solutions company. Saankhya has designed and developed a full spectrum of next-gen communication solutions for the present and the future. Saankhya has developed products and solutions for broadband, satellite and broadcast applications including 5G NR, 5G broadcast, rural broadband connectivity, satellite communication modems for IoT applications and multi-standard DTV modulators and demodulators. Ganesh has assisted Saankhya in preparing and prosecuting few patent applications in the areas of interference mitigation. (E.g., US10,014,904B1, US9,949,277B1)
Samsung Research Institute India – Bangalore: Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore (SRI-B) is the largest R&D Center outside of South Korea and a key innovation hub in the Samsung group. The specific purpose of SRI-B in the Samsung family is twofold: to create USPs for global flagship devices with by creating significant advancements in Modem, Multimedia, AI, Internet of Things, and to make for India by catering to the specific needs of Indian consumers. Ganesh has assisted SRI-B in the preparation of several patent applications in the areas of image processing, internet of things, telecommunications, etc. Ganesh has also assisted SRI-B in preparing responses to examination reports, attending hearings, filing written submissions, assisted in preparing pre-grant opposition and post-grant opposition, paying annuity fees, preparing and filing requisite forms at Intellectual Property Office (IPO), India, transacting certified documents, communicating with patent office, and assisting in handling SRI-B’s domestic patent portfolio.
TouchMagix Media Pvt. Ltd: TouchMagix is a manufacturer of new age and never seen before coin operated redemption games in USA with world class R&D facility in Pune, India. TouchMagix also manufactures a variety of interactive display technologies to mesmerize target audience. TouchMagix’s gesture based Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall systems convert open and idle spaces into engaging and fun-filled environments. TouchMagix’s large format multi-touch displays ensure exciting, entertaining and educating interactive experiences. Ganesh has assisted TouchMagix in preparing and prosecuting US10,942,619B2.
Vent Creativity Corporation: Vent Creativity Corporation has developed a machine-learning powered auto-segmentation tool for researchers and medical professionals. Vent Creativity’s patented AI platform technology allows users to collect and analyze meaningful data on population-based studies. Ganesh has assisted Vent Creativity in preparing and prosecuting US10,937,542B1.
Xiaomi India: Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational electronics company founded in April 2010 and headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi conducts R&D and makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, home appliances, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, and many other products. Ganesh has assisted Xiaomi in preparing invalidity opinion and infringement opinion against the lawsuit filed by Philips.

Representative Patent Drafting and Prosecution Experience

• US10,937,542B1 titled “Patient Specific Treatment Planning”
• US10,878,308B1 titled “Method and System for Detecting Emotions Based on Typing Behaviour”
• US10,942,619B2 titled “Interactive Reality Activity Augmentation”
• WO/2018/229799 titled “Bipolar Metal Plate for a Fuel Cell Stack”
• IN201821047479 titled “Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack”
• US10,014,904B1 titled “System and Method for Mitigating Co-Channel Interference in White Space Modems”
• US9,949,277B1 titled “System and Method for Mitigating Co-Channel Interference in White Space Modems Using Interference Aware Techniques”
• US10,154,249B2 titled “System and Method for Capturing Horizontal Disparity Stereo Panorama”
• US10,084,970B2 titled “System and Method for Automatically Generating Split Screen for a Video of a Dynamic Scene”
• US20170262877A1 titled “Virtual Communication Platform”

Professional Highlights

• Prior to joining LexpertConsilium, Ganesh has worked in a full-service law firm in India, where he has designated as Patent Associate and involved in prosecution of patent applications in India Jurisdictions. During his tenure as Patent Associate, Ganesh has worked and filed patent applications for clients ran1ging from start-ups to major corporations. Ganesh also has appeared before the Intellectual property Office, India and attended hearings.
• Ganesh has also organized an “IP clinic” at Technology Hub (T-HUB) Incubation Centre, Hyderabad in the year 2017 and has given counselling for start-up clients. Ganesh has also advised start-up clients on leveraging Intellectual Property.
• Ganesh also has two years of experience in Electrical maintenance prior to practicing patent law.


• Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Anna University, Chennai


• Indian Patent Office


English and Tamil