Krishna Shastri, M. Tech.

President (Operations)
Leader, Engineering and Software Group
LexpertConsilium LLP (Back Office of Davé Law Group)

Krishna Shastri is President (Operations) and Leader, Engineering and Software Group, in LexpertConsilium LLP, the India back office of Davé Law Group, LLC.

Krishna has overall responsibility for operational management of the firm. He manages and guides a team of patent agents and experts in various technologies to deliver Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related services to firms across the world. Krishna participates in customer acquisition and is responsible for managing all operational aspects of the firm.

Krishna is also the head of the firm’s Engineering and Software IPR practice. he leverages his technical expertise in the engineering and computer software fields to advise clients in IPR related matters. He mentors and guides his team on IPR protection activities including prior art and patentability analysis, patent application drafting, office action responses, and invalidity and infringement opinions.

Krishna’s experience with a diverse range of global clients from start-ups to large corporations enables him to understand and meet the different aims and requirements of each individual client. In collaboration with his clients, he implements strategies to develop comprehensive IP portfolios.

Prior to working in the IP industry, Krishna has more than 28 years of experience in the IT Outsourcing industry primarily in outsourced software product design and development. In addition, he has worked at a University, mentoring and preparing engineering and computer science students for a successful career.

Representative Experience

Performed IPR protection activities like patentability search and analysis; prepared patentability reports, patent applications, response to office actions, response to International search reports; assisted in preparing pre-grant and post grant oppositions; supporting litigation in preparing invalidity opinions and infringement opinions; for clients including:
American Consultants (AEEC) – AEEC provides technology, environmental, and engineering solutions.
Atlas Inc. – Atlas Inc provides Information Technology (IT) solutions for Human Resource (HR) management.
BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. – BOE is a leading manufacturer of LCD, OLEDs and flexible displays.
Capitis Solutions Inc. – Capitis Solutions provides services in the area of Information technology.
Finmo Card Co LLC –Finmo Card Co provides solutions for assessment of collectibles.
GeneSiC Semiconductors - GeneSiC designs semiconductors and related solid-state devices. GeneSiC is a pioneer and world leader in Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology in the area o high power Silicon technologies.
In-Med Prognostics - In-Med has developed artificial intelligence and machine learning based tools which help neuro-radiologists, neuro physicians and psychiatrists understand the brain better and also the effects of different conditions. In-Med has also developed affordable, accessible, reliable, and data-driven brain health prognostics and diagnostics.
Medicus Engineering ApS – Medicus Engineering develops Engineering and medical solutions to solve biological and medical problems
MS^2 Inc – MS^2 develops sensors and related applications.
OpenEyes Technologies Inc. - OpenEyes Technologies Inc. provides consulting, custom software development, and a suite of software products.
PAL Labs Inc. – PAL Labs develops solutions in the finance technology domain.
SourceReCycle, Inc.: The SourceReCycle solution is designed to educate and foster behavioral and social change while redefining how we process and dispose waste. The system will empower, motivate and enable the citizen to recycle more plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper. The solution has its application in residences as well as all public places, covered and open.
Stellar IT Solutions – Stellar IT Solutions provides Information technology services in the area of design, development, product solutions and talent management.
Supermax Personal Care Pvt Ltd – Supermax is a leading personal care products manufacturer.
ThinkTrends LLC - ThinkTrends LLC provides data mining, model building and AI lifecycle management products.
Touchmagix Media Pvt. Ltd. - TouchMagix is a manufacturer of new age and never seen before coin operated redemption games. TouchMagix also manufactures a variety of interactive display technologies to mesmerize target audience. TouchMagix’s gesture based Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall systems convert open and idle spaces into engaging and fun-filled environments.
Vent Creativity - Vent Creativity Corporation has developed a machine-learning powered auto-segmentation tool for researchers and medical professionals. Vent Creativity’s patented AI platform technology allows users to collect and analyze meaningful data for population-based studies.
Xiaomi Inc. – Xiaomi is a multinational electronics company that conducts research and development, manufacture and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, home appliances, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, and many other products.

Representative Patent Drafting and Prosecution Experience

• US 10,916,632B2 titled “Manufacture of Improved Power Devices”
• US 10, 937, 542B1 titled “Patient Specific Treatment Planning”
• US 10,840,385B1 titled “Performance SiC Schottky Diodes”
• US 10,763,356B1 titled “Manufacture of Power Devices Having Inversion Channel”
• US 10, 878, 308B1 titled “Method and System for Detecting Emotions Based on Typing Behaviour”
• US 10, 942, 619B2 titled “Interactive Reality Activity Augmentation”
• US 11, 004, 940 titled “Design and Manufacture of Power Devices Having Increased Cross Over Current”
• US 20210049127 titled “Efficient Configuration Compliance Verification of Resources in a Target Environment of a Computing System”
• US 20210057519 titled “Design and Manufacture of Robust, High-Performance Devices”
• US 20210134996 titled “Silicon Carbide Power Devices”

Professional Highlights

• 2019 – present: President (Operations), LexpertConsilium LLP (Back Office of Davé Law Group)
• 2011 - 2014: Joint Director – Corporate and Industry Relations, Amrita University
• 2010 - 2011: Senior Vice President (Application Development), Siemens Information Systems Ltd (SIS)
• 1985 - 2010: Sr Vice President (Product Engineering Solutions Business Unit), Patni Computer Systems Ltd
• 1983 - 1984: Software Engineer, Hinditron Corporate Systems Pvt Ltd


• Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, Kharagpur, India, 1981.
• Master of Technology (Computer Science) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Chennai, India, 1983.

External Publications

• Krishna Shastri, “Transforming Engineering Students into Industry Ready Professionals” - Proceedings of the International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTEE) Hubli 2014, pp 337-340, doi: 10.1007/978-81-322-1931-6_39.
• Raj Davé and Krishna Shastri, “Should a robot be an inventor?” - The Daily Guardian (May 14, 2020).


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