Satya S. Pogaru, M.S.

Patent Agent
LexpertConsilium LLP (Back Office of Davé Law Group)

Satya Sridevi Pogaru focuses her practice on IP counselling, patent drafting and prosecution, IP due diligence, infringement analysis and litigation support.

Satya’s IP practice involves interacting with inventors, screening patentable inventions, preparing patentability opinions, drafting applications and preparing response to office actions. She further provides client counselling, strategic advising, IP due diligence and freedom-to-operate opinions. She also supports clients in pre-litigation analysis, patent family tracing and mapping, infringement analysis including claim interpretation, technology mapping and evidence of use charts.

Her expertise spans around multiple technology areas such as mechanical, aerospace, systems integrated with digital and software technologies, robotics, automobiles, artificial intelligence, wearable technologies, unmanned air vehicles, autonomous vehicles, healthcare devices, precision devices, home automation, home appliances and sustainable building technologies. Her work includes prosecuting patent applications for Indian, U.S. and European office actions. She also has experience in application preparation and prosecution under Indian Intellectual Property Law for Trademarks and Design.

Prior to joining LexpertConsilium, she was one among the nationally selected recipients of the prestigious scholarship from Department of Science and Technology under their IPR scheme and worked for Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST), where she was involved in screening and drafting patent applications connected with Gujarat states’ S&T Policy and start-ups. She has been an invited speaker and member in many IP forums and has been an IP screening committee member formed under state level S&T and Start-up policies.

Prior to her legal practice, she gained vast experience and knowledge working both in academic as well as with industrial giants. She was associated with General Electric working as an Engineer and Technologist and is responsible for designing new airplane engine components as well as redesign existing ones. Her work extensively involves methods development using computational and analytical geometry for airfoils for GE 90 115B and GE NX aircraft engines. She worked on various aspects of automation and integration of design and manufacturing of aircraft engines. She is a qualified Six Sigma Green Belt in process improvements towards designing airfoils.

As a Graduate Research Assistant at Georgia Institute of Technology, Aerospace System Design Laboratory, she worked on sponsored projects of Boeing, NASA and GE Energy. In all her projects, she has been involved in evaluating cutting edge technologies on complex systems. She worked with various composite materials and manufacturing technologies and successfully integrating them into a system level decision support framework applicable towards Boeing 787. She analyzed various NextGen aircrafts such as Truss Based Wing (TBW), Blended Wing, Box Wing for design and operational safety metrics for existing infrastructure. She was involved in designing new concepts for smart electricity grids, specifically systems that enable the grid to be more responsive to periods of peak electrical demand. This novel, consumer-focused demand response system won the accolades after a review by a panel of GE professional engineers and Georgia Tech faculty members. She later continued to work on agent-based models to analyze the performance of various demand response concepts for electric grids and sustainable building technologies.

Satya later worked as a research consultant at Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute, where she was responsible for forecasting of wind and solar energy resources using ARMA, ARIMA, Neural Networks and integrating them into the grid for power management. She also worked in reputed academic institutes such as IIT Gandhinagar, GITAM University and Regency Institute of Technology teaching various courses and guiding undergraduate level student projects. She was also involved as a consultant with Mahindra and Mahindra in developing training modules as a subject matter expert in optimization methods for vehicle designing.

She earned her master’s degree in aerospace engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, with expertise in complex systems and systems of systems design and development.

Representative Experience

Satya conducts inventor interviews, performs patentability search and analysis, prepares patentability reports, patent applications, prepares response to office actions, drafts of patent applications, for clients including:
Finmo Card Co LLC: Finmo Card Co provides solutions for assessment of collectibles. She conducted inventor interview and currently working on drafting patent application of the invention.
GeneSiC Semiconductors: GeneSiC is a pioneer and world leader in Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology, while also invested in high power Silicon technologies. GeneSiC technology plays a key enabling role in conserving energy in a wide array of high-power systems. Satya has drafted claims for a continuity application. (E.g., US10840385B1)
LiquidMetal Technologies Inc: LiquidMetal develops, manufactures, and market products made from amorphous alloys and is a company dedicated solely to the commercialization of bulk amorphous alloys. Satya performed claim mapping for one of their patents on foldable displays for filing a continuous application (E.g., US10697049B2)
Maedyn IP LLC: Satya undertook patentability analysis and patent application drafting for an invention on Lip-Zip (E.g., U.S. Patent Application No.: 16752725, Not yet published)
Medicus Engineering ApS: Medicus Engineering develops Engineering and medical solutions to solve biological and medical problems. Satya worked on drafting response of office actions. (E.g., US10555677B2, US20190209776A1)
MS^2 Inc: MS^2 develops smell sensors and related applications. Satya conducted inventor interviews, disclosure of invention, patent application drafting and filing.
Shenzhen Xpectvision Technology Co. Ltd.: Shenzhen XpectVision Technology is a high-tech company committed to disruptive and innovative technology development. Satya prepared design application for Image Sensor and prosecuted the same in India (E.g., Indian Design Application No. 324835-001)
SourceReCycle, Inc.: The SourceReCycle solution is designed to educate and foster behavioral and social change while redefining how we process and dispose waste. Our system will empower, motivate and enable the citizen to recycle more plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper. At the same time it will answer the age-old question of “What’s in it for me?". The solution has its application in residences as well as all public places, covered and open. Satya conducted inventor interviews, analyzed disclosure of invention, drafted patent application. (E.g., US20200189844A1)
Space Data Corporation: Space Data delivers wireless services and solutions for commercial and government users in locations and geographies that are not served or are poorly served by existing wireless technologies and service providers. Satya prepared family trees for all the patents filed by the company nationally and internationally. In addition, she also worked on drafting reply to office action and drafting continuity applications. (E.g., US20200082730A1, US10710695B2, US10696400B2)
Stellar IT Solutions: Stellar IT Solutions provides Information technology services in the area of design, development, product solutions and talent management. Satya is part of the inventor interview and prior art search currently working towards drafting patent application.
Labon Paints and Coatings Private Limited: Labon is a company based in India which develops paints and coatings. Satya assisted TM team in preparing TM applications for the client. (E.g., Indian TM Application No. 4532264)

Satya performs claim analysis, freedom to operate searches, performs supporting analysis in litigation for preparing invalidity opinions and infringement opinions, patent portfolio analysis, for clients including:
Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc: Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an American publicly traded generics and specialty pharmaceutical company. Satya prepared a litigation history on patents from Orange book on topical dapsone.
Capitis Solutions Inc.: Capitis Solutions provides services in the area of Information technology. Satya supported drafting of claims with her analysis.
Econcore: Econcore is the world leader in technologies for economic honeycomb sandwich material production. Satya prepared prosecution history and summary on compliances of section 8 for Indian and prosecution history and summary for US and EP jurisdiction of the suit patent.
Modavar Pharmaceuticals: Modavar Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company which provides high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment. Satya worked on performing due diligence on Orange Book patents corresponding to Adapalene and Dapsone and supporting data for opinion on patents that are vulnerable to a Para 4 challenge. Orange Book Patents, claims analysis for non-infringement for the Modavar's composition of Testosterone Gel form.
Toray Plastics (America), Inc.: Toray Plastics (America), Inc. is a subsidiary of Toray Industries Inc., the world leader in synthetic fibers and textiles, carbon fibers, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and high-performance films. Satya worked on Freedom to Operate Search for Anti-Blush films.
Xiaomi India: Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational electronics company that conducts R&D and makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, home appliances, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, and many other products. Satya has assisted in preparing family tress, IPO filing due diligence, Section 8 and Section 27 analysis, and support in invalidity and infringement opinion against the lawsuit filed by Philips. In another infringement suit, Satya prepared supporting analysis for invalidity towards Space-Filling Miniature Antenna Patents.
• Satya performed patent portfolio analysis for the companies Foxconn Technology group, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Haojue Holdings Co. Ltd., Hughes Systique, Polyplex Corporation Ltd., Shenzhen DJI Technologies, Xylem (India).

Independent Inventor Applications
EP1824667B1: Satya performed claim analysis and mapping from various jurisdictions for “Half-closed thermoplastic honeycomb, their production and equipment to produce”.
US10333953B2, US9827680B2, US9827680B2: Satya prepared claim mapping and evidence of use charts for the listed patents relating to Pharmacy automation and use of robots in pharmacy.
US10043219B2, US9259843B2, US9079315B2: Satya prepared claim mapping and evidence of use charts for the listed patents relating to Banking automation and use of robots in banking sector.
US9010638B2 and US9449201B2: Satya prepared claim analysis for “Integrated unit for reading identification information based on inherent disorder”
• Satya performed suit patent documents mining for Pharmacyclics to the complaint filed by Acerta.

Representative Patent Drafting and Prosecution Experience

• US20180311919A1 titled “Lighter than Air, Long Life Polyester Envelope Embossed with Holographic Patterns”
• US20200082730A1 titled “Techniques for Intelligent Balloon/Airship Launch and Recovery Window Location”
• US10710695B2 titled “Systems and Applications of Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) Platforms”
• US10894592B2 titled “Systems and Applications of Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) Platforms”
• US20200088836A1 titled “Systems and Applications of Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) Platforms”
• US10696400B2 titled “Breaking Apart a Platform Upon Pending Collision”
• US20200331609A1 titled “Breaking Apart a Platform Upon Pending Collision”
• BR112017013837.9 titled “Techniques for Smart Balloon Installation/Aircraft Launch and Recovery Window Location”
• BR112017013836 titled “Breaking Apart a Platform Upon Pending Collision”
• US20200283116A1 titles “Multifunctional Balloon Membrane”
• US20210100501A1 titled “Non-Invasive Hydration and Electrolyte Monitoring”
• US20200189844A1 titled “Incentivized Multi-Stream Recycling System with Fill Level, Volume, Weight, Counters, Shredder, Compactor, Consumer Identification, Display and Liquid Drainage System”
• US10512834B2 titled “Business Strategy Game”
• US10555677B2 titled “Method and Device for Improving Prediction and Detection of Change in a Physiological Condition”
• US20170055858A1 titled “Method and System for Facilitating Patient Self-Measuring and Recording”
• US20170368258A1 titled “Closed-Loop Control of Insulin Infusion”
• US20190209776A1 titled “Closed-Loop Control of Insulin Infusion and System for Measuring Autonomic Nervous System Modulation”
• US20170262877A1 titled “Virtual Communication Platform”
• US20180131733A1 titled “Online Social Interaction, Education and Health Care by Analysing Affect and Cognitive Features”
• US20200061841A1 titled “Pharmacy Automation Using Autonomous Robot”
• US20190080414A1 titled “Robotically Assisted Goods Tracking and Automation System”
• US20180131733A1 titled “Online Social Interaction, Education and Health Care by Analysing Affect and Cognitive Features”
• US10950332B2 titled “Targeted Sensation of Touch”
• US910238S1 titled “Cap for Cartridge of Safety Razor”
• US10840385B1 titled “Performance SiC Schottky Diodes”

Professional Highlights

• IPR Scientist & TIFAC IP Scholar at Patent Information Centre of Gujarat Council on Science and Technology, 2017-2019
• Consultant Mahindra & Mahindra, 2017
• Energy Research Consultant for Gujarat Energy Research Management Institute, 2014-2015
• Adjunct Faculty, IIT Gandhinagar, 2012 & 2016
• Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-2013
• Engineer/Technologist: GE Aviation, ETCoE Bangalore, India, 2007 -2008
• Assistant Professor, Regency Institute of Technology, Yanam, Pondicherry; GITAM College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam, 2003-2004

Honors and Awards

• Recipient of scholarship towards IPR training under WOS-C scheme by the Government of India, Department of Science and Technology, India, 2017
• Smart Grid competition winning team member in Demand Response Challenge at Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010
• Certified Green Belt for process capability improvement by General Electric, 2008


• Gujarat University, LL. B (anticipated 2022)
• Georgia Institute of Technology, M.S., Aerospace Engineering, 2010
• Andhra University (India), M.E., Mechanical Engineering (CAD/CAM), 2003
• Andhra University (India), B.E., Mechanical Engineering, 2001


• Indian Patent Office


• Committee member, 19th State Level Implementation Committee for screening projects under ‘Scheme for assistance for start-ups/ Innovation’, New Industrial Policy-2015, Gujarat
• Committee member, SSIP IP/Patent Projects Screening Committee, under SSIP scheme, Gujarat
• Speaker on “Demystifying Start-ups and IPR”, K M Shah Dental College, Vadodara, 21st June 2019
• Speaker at EDII for “Patent Drafting with a Case Study” under Strategic Management of IPR course for PGDM-BE 17-19, 13-14th September, 2018
• Expert Lecturer at Government Engineering College on “Patent Drafting and Filing Procedure” under Student Start-up and Innovation Program, 8th August, 2018
• Lecture on “Emerging Era of Geographical Indications: Importance and Benefits” during Orientation Programme on National IPR Policy, GUJCOST, 26-29th June, 2018
• Expert Presenter at Government Engineering College on “Introductory Session on IPR and How to go for it” during one day Pre-Sensitization seminar on Student Start-up and Innovation Program, 30th January 2018
• Invited Talk at Mahindra Technical Academy on “Design Process and Methods: In Application with Futuristic Aircraft Design”, February 27th, 2017, Chennai, India
• Jitin KT, D Darbar, N Gaikwad, S Pogaru, S M Agrawat, “Challenges and Issues in Renewable Energy Forecasting”, GETS 2015, Clean and Green Energy: The New Normal, NTPC Power Management Institute, Noida, Delhi 2015
• Souvnik Roy, Satya S Pogaru, T. Harinarayana, Omkar Jani, “Role of Demand Response for Consumers in Indian Electricity Market”, 5th World Renewable Energy Technology Congress, International Conference and Exhibition, Delhi, 21-23 August 2014
• Satya S Pogaru, “Smart Grid: Systems of Systems Model Development”, Women Engineers Leading Global Innovation, Society for Women Engineers Indo-US Symposium, August 29-31 Bangalore, 2012
• Guest lecture on “Introduction to Neural Networks”, at two-day workshop on Neural Networks and Fuzzy Techniques, GITAM, Visakhapatnam, August 13-14, 2004

External Publications

• Dr. Vinish Kathuria, Satya S Pogaru, “Wind Energy – Challenges and Possible Solutions”, Energy Future, Vol. 5(3): 32-38 (April-June) (2017)
• Pogaru, S., Miller, M., Duncan, S., Mavris, D., "Investigating the Impacts of Modelling Variables - A Case Study with Smart Grid Demand Response," Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER'13), March 2013
• Michael Miller, Satya Pogaru and Dimitri Mavris, “Smart Grid: Constructing a System of Systems Model Using both Qualitative and Quantitative Assessments”, CSD&M, Paris, France, December 2012
• Johanna M. Ceisel, Philipp Witte, Tim Car, Satya Pogaru, Dimitri N. Mavris, “A Non-Weight based, Manufacturing Influenced Design (MInD) Methodology for Preliminary Design,” 28th Congress, ICAS, Brisbane, Australia, September 2012


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